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Shoehorn: Home

Shoehorn at work

"SHOEHORN" Tap dancing saxophonist, works as a solo performer, bandleader, soloist, accompanist and sideman.


Shoehorn is an original performance artist who creates music with his feet and dances with his horn. Michael Shoehorn Conley has combined organic body rhythms and sophisticated jazz forms and concepts into an entertaining spectacle. While specializing in sax and tap dance, he is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger and composer, utilizing a variety of wind and percussion instruments, original poetry and songs and an ear for music from around the world.

IT'S A GREAT TIME TO BUY Shoehorn's most recent CDs, Thanks for supporting Shoehorn's work! CAFE CIRQUE, a contemporary jazz cabaret circus soundtrack, features Dan Gaynor on piano, Ward Griffiths, drums, and bass man Skip Elliott Bowman. To hear streaming samples please hit the music button. Other music includes The Blue Monk, a live CD documenting a gig with Dan Gaynor, Pere Soto and Artis the Spoonman (plus David Valdez and Sean Congos on horns 2 numbers) Only $10:

CD links at left- ALSO! A Beatbox Saxophone Christmas with beatboxer Bronkar Lee. Fun holiday sounds! THANKS!

Donate to Shoehorn's Production Fund- Help support new recording projects! Thank you! Shoehorn is also seeking funding to develop the next generation of electronic tap dance. Please contact us for details.


Here is a new video from April 2013:

This video post is a favorite, from a performance in April 2009 with Wanderlust Circus

#1 Demo Video

(CLIP # 2) Shoehorn solo (full show) DEMO video from Moisture Festival 2007:

Shoehorn with Beatboxing Juggler Bronkar Lee

( Clip # 3) Tappercussion e-tap demo

( Clip #4) New Clip! Reorded 4/1/09

(CLIP # 5) This clip is of Shoehorn's VonTap Quintet at the Harvest Moon Festival in Chinatown, October 2006:

Toshi Onizuka, Ward Griffiths, Skip Elliott Bowman and Gordon Lee.

( CLIP # 6) Plus, Jump Start, a SAX-Themed original comedy short film costarring Renato Caranto, just for fun: ( about 3 minutes)

(Clip # 7) Excerpts from the PBS documentary "JUBA: Masters of Tap & Percussive Dance"

(Clip # 8) Oregon Art Beat from OPB TV