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Shoehorn at work

 Greetings from MC Shoehorn!

Do you know something? One of my favorite features of my website is the guestbook! I love to read the greetings and comments. The spammers are back with a vengeance this month (Feb.2016) but I will try to keep it clear. MC

The "Wingin It" CD and "Dances with Instruments" DVD were recorded and released in 2015. More music to come!

Happy New Year 2016!  Here is a clip, with the band, titled "Ice Cream and Bubbles" which is part of both of these projects:

"Fuego Azul (Silk Road)"  is a solo number from the DVD

"Dances with Instruments"

Entertainer MC Shoehorn- tap dancer and saxophonist (and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist) works as a solo performer, bandleader, soloist, accompanist and sideman. Shoehorn started 2015 with a kickstarter for a new recording project, please check out the results!

A World Jazz Extravaganza with MC Shoehorn, tap dancer and saxophonist, presenting his new CD "Wingin' It" and his new DVD "Dances with Instruments". The CD has a strong Afro-Cuban flavor, with a Japanese twist. The music is grooving hard with bassist Damian Erskine, drummer Martin Zarzar, percussionists Miguel Bernal and Scott Wardinsky, and pianist Gordon Lee . (Two tracks from the CD recording session are also part of the DVD as well.) "Wingin" It" features guest vocalist Eileen Conley on two tracks and Kite Giedraitis, leader of African-style marimba band Fools in Paradise, plays mbira and bass kalimba on one selection.

MC Shoehorn, CD and DVD release party at Jimmy Mak's in Portland, Oregon!

The CD release at Jimmy Mak's was a World Jazz Extravaganza. Along with MC Shoehorn- tap dancer and saxophonist we had   pianist Gordon Lee, bassist Essiet Okon Essiet, percussionists Miguel Bernal and Scott Wardinsky, young tap sensation Elizabeth Abel, Irish dancer Maldon Meehan, and from Japan, singer/songwriter Kaori Kodama, all to celebrate the new CD "Wingin' It" and the DVD "Dances with Instruments".

Copies of the MC Shoehorn CD "Wingin' It" and DVD "Dances with Instruments" are also available at Shoehorn's other gigs and by mail order.

Successfully funded through kickstarter!

HERE is a new video from a recent concert in Portland: SOME OTHER VIDEOS Here is a video from April 2013: This video post is a favorite, from a performance in April 2009 with Wanderlust Circus #1 Demo Video (CLIP # 2) Shoehorn solo (full show) DEMO video from Moisture Festival 2007: Shoehorn with Beatboxing Juggler Bronkar Lee ( Clip # 3) Tappercussion e-tap demo ( Clip #4) New Clip! Reorded 4/1/09 (CLIP # 5) This clip is of Shoehorn's VonTap Quintet at the Harvest Moon Festival in Chinatown, October 2006: Toshi Onizuka, Ward Griffiths, Skip Elliott Bowman and Gordon Lee. ( CLIP # 6) Plus, Jump Start, a SAX-Themed original comedy short film costarring Renato Caranto, just for fun: ( about 3 minutes) (Clip # 7) Excerpts from the PBS documentary "JUBA: Masters of Tap & Percussive Dance" (Clip # 8) Oregon Art Beat from OPB TV